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Visual recognition to search, compare and organise your images and objects
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Image search

Find one or more images or objects in a reference database relating to a query image. You can search by matching, by similarity, by colours or by keywords.


Image comparison

Accurately identify sensitive differences between two images or measure the level of similarity through fine image comparison, similarity analysis or colour palette analysis.


Organising an image database

Cluster related images to automatically organise image databases or use for data visualisation.

Custom image processing technology suite

Integrate the LTU API

Because your trade and specific needs are unique, LTU delivers an open, integrated and fully customisable SaaS solution for optimum performance

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They use our customisable visual recognition API

Visual search without deep learning

The core of our technology is based on creating a unique signature for an image or object. Similarly to an ID, our algorithms extract a wide range of data based on the image or object’s visual characteristics.

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