Meet our image recognition

1. What we can recognize? Test it!

Specialized in image matching and image similarity we can find the same content from any kind of photo (mobile, camera, website) to track an item. We can also find a similar item based on your query.
Our system can manage millions of images on one core and answer in a second! You can host your image solution or you can use our Saas platform.
Use our public demo platform to query our database and see how our technologies work!

Generic matching demo
Fast image matching examples for mobile, advertisement, copyright protection.

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Generic color demo
Fast color image search examples for arts

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E-Commerce similarity demo
Image search based and similarity, find products that are visually close.

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2. Contact us to request an evaluation account

Contact us to get more information about our solution or to request an evaluation account. We will answer you shortly and we will be happy to guide you throughout your project.